Configuration details for the Gainsight integration.

Via the Gainsight destination, Hightouch can update companies

The Gainsight destination is able to update data in Gainsight, with insert and upsert coming soon.

  • Update — Update mode updates particular fields on existing objects in Gainsight.

  • Insert (coming soon) — Insert mode pushes new objects to Gainsight, and does not update the objects as they change in your warehouse.

  • Upsert (coming soon) — Upsert mode pushes new objects to Gainsight and updates fields that change in your warehouse.


Generate an access key by provisioning a Gainsight API in Administration > Integrations > Connectors > Create Connection. For more information, check out the Gainsight documentation here.



In this mode, Hightouch can update the companies object based on some external ID data in Gainsight. For example, we have a custom field in Gainsight called ExternalId, which contains the ID of the company stored in your product database or data warehouse.

We can use this field as a merge rule to lookup the record in Hightouch and update it with mapped values.



Gainsight Object Type

The name of the object that will be updated in Gainsight (companies, persons coming soon)

Hightouch to Gainsight Merge Rule

The name of the column of the Hightouch query mapping to the name of the Gainsight external ID column

Hightouch to Gainsight Field Mappings

A list of columns that will be updated for objects in Gainsight. Each time a sync occurs in Hightouch these columns will be updated.