Google Sheets

Configuration details for the Intercom integration.

Via the Google Sheets integration, Hightouch can sync your spreadsheets with your data sources.

This allows you to:

  1. Share data in an easily accessible way across teams

  2. Work with your data with familiar spreadsheet tools

Destination Instance Setup‌

Select the spreadsheet to sync to from the Google Drive popup window.

Next, select the name of the sheet you want the data to sync to from the dropdown.


When a sync occurs, new cells will be inserted and all current cells will be updated within your Google Sheet.

This mode is good for the following scenarios:

  • You want to push data into Google Sheets and want to keep that data up-to-date.


Modifying data within the sheet that Hightouch dumps data to should be avoided as it will be overwritten on the next sync. Instead create a new sheet to work with for any data analysis, charts, lookup tables, etc.


Pick a sheet that will be the data destination for syncing. Any modifications to this sheet will be overwritten.

Create a new sheet to perform any operations on your spreadsheet. An example of a VLOOKUP on the data from the 'Data' sheet is shown below.