Configuration details for Iterable integration.

Via the Iterable destination, Hightouch can create and sync users.


Navigate to Integrations > API Keys and create a new API key with standard permissions.

Use the API key generated to create a new Iterable destination in the Destinations tab of Hightouch.

Now that you have a new Iterable destination, you can start piping data!



In this mode, new users will be inserted into Iterable and all designated users will be kept up-to-date within Iterable. Upsert is currently the only mode available for use with the Iterable destination.

This mode is good for the following scenarios:

  • You want to push objects into Iterable and want to keep the data up-to-date

Upsert has three configuration parameters:



Hightouch Column Containing Iterable Email

The name of the column on the Hightouch query that will map to the email field for users in Iterable. This is used as the primary key in Iterable.

Hightouch Column Containing Iterable User ID

The name of the column (id, created_at, first_name, etc..) that will map to the userId field for users in Iterable.

Hightouch to Iterable Field Mappings

A list of fields that will be pushed to new users in Iterable. Each time a sync occurs in Hightouch these users will be updated.

Here is an example:

Only the email column is required, all other mappings are completely optional.