Configuration details for Klaviyo.

Via the Klaviyo destination, Hightouch can upsert new profiles.

The Klaviyo destination supports the upsert mode:

  • Upsert — Upsert mode pushes new profiles to Klaviyo and updates fields that change in your warehouse.


Navigate to https://www.klaviyo.com/account#api-keys-tab and copy your Public API key.

Use the API key to create a new Klaviyo destination in the Destinations tab of Hightouch.

Now that you have a new Klaviyo destination, you can start piping data!‌


Profile Upsert

In this mode, new profiles will be inserted into Klaviyo and all designated fields will be kept up-to-date within Klaviyo.

Upsert has two configuration parameters:



Hightouch to Klaviyo Field Mappings

A list of columns that will be pushed to profiles in Klaviiyo. Each time a sync occurs in Hightouch these columns will be updated. Note: the $email and/or $phone_number field must be selected to sync properly.

Hightouch to Klaviyo Custom Field Mappings

A list of custom columns that will be pushed to accounts in Klaviyo. These Klaviyo fields must be entered manually.