Configuration details for the OneSignal integration.

Via the OneSignal destination, Hightouch can:

  • Update tags on existing devices via the external unique ID,

  • Update properties on existing devices via OneSignal ID (coming soon),

  • Add new devices to OneSignal (coming soon)


To set up the OneSignal destination, navigate to Destinations and Add New. We can find the keys needed to access OneSignal at OneSignal > Settings > Keys & IDs.


Updating tags via external unique ID

The destination is configured by default to update tags via external unique ID. In this mode, tags are added or updated on existing devices using the external unique ID.

This mode is good for the following scenarios:

  • Adding LTV based on external unique ID to a device

  • Assigning segment data to a device



Hightouch Column Containing OneSignal External User ID

The column containing the external user ID of the OneSignal device, which is contained in the OneSignal field external_user_id

Hightouch Column to OneSignal Tag Mappings

A list of columns that will be pushed to tags in OneSignal. Each column and it's value for each row will be a key:value pair in the device's tags.