Configuration details for the Zendesk integration


This integration allows you to sync data between your sources and Zendesk.

Initial Setup

Navigate to Settings > Channels > API and add a new API token for Hightouch.

Copy the API token and fill in the fields in Hightouch destination setup:

  • API token: token from Zendesk

  • Email: email used to login to Zendesk

  • Support URL: url for your Zendesk support site, https://hightouch.zendesk.com

Syncing Zendesk Objects

Zendesk Objects

This integration support syncing the following objects:

  • Users

  • Organizations

Sync Modes

This integration only supports the Update mode.

In this mode, users and organizations can be matched based on the Zendesk ID or the external ID and updated by Hightouch with the latest sync data.

We do not currently support upserting Zendesk objects, but it is WIP, please contact us for more details.

Record Matching

Records can be matched from your source to your Zendesk objects by selecting a column in your results that matches the external ID, Zendesk ID, or email (contact only) of the Zendesk object.

Field Mapping

You can sync columns from your source to Zendesk's default fields, as well as custom user and organization fields. For more info on how to add custom fields to users, check out this guide.