Visual querying

Explore your data without knowing SQL

Visual querying was built to allow users a simple way to browse data and query based on both the object and related objects.

To enable visual querying, relationships between objects must first be mapped out in the graph. Learn more here:

Basic querying

The visual query builder can be accessed by toggling to visual in the top right of the Explorer. The visual query builder allows us to filter on any property of the object, such as created_at. Here's an example:

The builder supports property types such as:

  • Boolean (true / false)

  • Datetime

  • Strings

  • Numbers

Querying related objects

The visual query builder also allows us to filter based on related objects (after setting up relationships in the graph). Here's an example:

This query filters organizations based on the number of new repositories it created. Here, repositories is a separate "object" but it can be queried based on its association to the organization.