1. Connect to a data source

Connect Hightouch to your warehouse or database, giving the app access to your data.

Create a new source

First, navigate to the Sources page and create a new source.

Next, we can input the credentials for the data warehouse (BigQuery, Snowflake, etc.) or database (Postgres) that we want to connect to Hightouch. This will serve as the source for data that we sync into our destinations.

If you are just signing up, you'll also have the option of using our Demo Database.

Make sure to test your source to ensure that the credentials are correct. An error message will show if Hightouch is unable to connect to the data source.

Confirm the source is active

After creating your source, confirm that the connection status is active by clicking the Test Source button. Make sure that testing the source returns green before continuing to the next step.

If the connection is failing, you can always edit your data source credentials and try again.