Git Sync for dbt (beta)

Sync your Models via Git

Git Sync for dbt allows you to version-control your workflow settings via git. When enabled, your Sync will read/write from a schema file and commit any changes. This ensures that your model definition is always the source of truth for your workflows.

The Hightouch git sync for dbt integration is a beta feature. Email [email protected] to request access or request a demo at

This requires two steps:

  • Connecting your git account to Hightouch

  • Defining your workflow in the model metadata

Connecting to your git repository

Navigate to your Git Sync Settings and save your git credentials (for service providers like GitHub or Bitbucket see our article on Authenticating for Git Sync).

Enabling Bidirectional will enable bidirectional syncing; whenever a change is made to your sync in Hightouch a commit or pull request will be created in your repository reflecting the change.

Defining your workflow

In your repository create a hightouch.yml file like so:

- model_id: 123
destination_id: 52407
type: cron
expression: "*/30 * * * *"
subscribeAdd: true
subscribeChange: false
subscribeDelete: false
- from: id
to: id
- from: email
to: email
- from: first_name
to: firstName
- from: last_name
to: lastName

You must define a model_id, destination_id, schedule and config property for each sync.

Model ID

The model id property represents the Hightouch model that your sync will use. To find the identifier navigate to your model in Hightouch and grab the identifier from the pathname (ex:

Destination ID

The destination id property represents the Hightouch desitnation that your sync will use. To find the identifier navigate to your destination in Hightouch and grab the identifier from the pathname (ex:


The schedule property defines which schedule the query will be created with. The following are possible options:

Schedule: Manual

type: manual

Schedule: Interval

type: interval
unit: minute|hour|day|week
quantity: 1

Schedule: Cron

type: cron
expression: "*/30 * * * *"

Schedule: dbt

dbt is only available if you are using the dbt Cloud integration

type: dbt
accout_id: 1
job_id: 1


The destinations property is an array of possible destinations to connect your query results to.

The config property is different for each type of destination. To learn each variation of the config property read our dbt Destination Config document.