Configuration details for the Snowflake connection

This guide will explain how to connect your Snowflake cluster to Hightouch.


Hightouch will always connect to your warehouse from or You may allow this IP address in your VPC security groups.

Create the Warehouse connection in Hightouch

1. In Hightouch, go to Sources or click

2. Click "Create Source"

3. Select Snowflake

4. For Account, enter your Snowflake account. Refer to the Snowflake documentation on how to identify your account. It is usually, this is in the format <identifier>.<region>.[cloud_provider]

5. For Database, enter your SQL database name.

6. For Username, enter your Snowflake username.

7. For Password, enter your Snowflake user's password.

8. Click "Test" to test the connection. Hightouch is able to successfully connect, click the "Complete" button at the bottom of the page

Currently, Hightouch defaults to using the "default role" of your Snowflake user.